Before it gets dark

Before it gets dark

In autumn and winter the majority of drives are made in dim or dark. Poor transparency of a vehicle headlight cover can reduce the length and intensity of the light beam and the journey becomes more dangerous. Turtle Wax offers a solution to this problem. Headlight restorer combines the ease and speed of liquid restorers with the effectiveness of restoration pads to restore plastic headlight lenses.

Headlight lens clarity will improve with proper use of this kit. Cracked, micro-cracked, severely pitted, water logged from the inside or severely weathered headlights may not return to the original condition.

How to use?

  1. Wash headlight surface with a Turtle Wax shampoo as directed to remove surface dirt. Dry headlight surface.
  2. Use masking tape to protect the painted surface around the headlight.
  3. Apply Clarifying Compound to a cotton clith. Rub compound over entire headlight using firm pressure. Buff with a clean, soft, cotton cloth.
  4. Apply Spray Lubricant to Level 1 green pad and to headlight to be restored. Use pads on only those areas requiring restoration. Begin rubbing the Level 1 green pad, using firm finger pressure, in a back and forth motion over the headlight, continuing until much of the oxidation is removed. Use the Spray Lubricant as necessary to keep the headlight and pad wet (yhe green Level 1 pad will require the longest use).
  5. Immediately switch to the Level 2 brown pad. Rub back and forth in the opposite sirection (90 degrees) of the Level 1 green pad for about 1 minute, keeping the pad and headlight surface wet using the Spray Lubricant. Switch to the Level 3 blue side of the final pad and repeat the process for 1 minute. Flip to the Level 4 purple side of the final pad and repeat the process for 1 minute.
  6. Dry the headlight with a cotton towel. Apply Clarifying Compound and rub thoroughly back and forth until the headlight clarifies. Let compound dry to a haze and buff with a cotton cloth. Clarifying Compound can be applied by machine with a foam pad at 1500 RPMs.
  7. Important: Clean both lenses before opening the Base Coat Wipe. Using the plastic glove, quickly coat both lenses with the wipe. Once dry, immediately follow with the Lens Sealing Wipe. This helps prevent future yellowing. Coating will dry within 24 hours.

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